2008 Arctic Cat Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro


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Carefully place your right hand on the trigger, promise to whomever you need to promise that you won’t be crazy, then rip right through earth laden snow with a hell bound fury as 1000 cubic centimeters of engine displacement send all 160+ horsepower to the 15″ wide tracks through via the ACT roller cam clutch making a symphonic wail through it’s APV tuned exhaust.

Talk about wanting a reason to have three feet of fresh powder dumped on your doorstep.

The 2008 Arctic Cat Crossfire 1000 Sno Pro will let you bomb trails one minute and carve powder the other. Equipped with a 1000 two-stroke engine, double-wishbone A-arms and Fox Float shocks this snowmobile comes short in no areas. It’s a hybrid at it’s finest.

What this means to you: Bring the ruckus to the snow with the Crossfire Sno Pro. Make sure and carefully choose between your color options of: orange, orange or orange.

$12,199 @ Arctic Cat