Hästens Vividus Bed


What would you say if you were looking at a bed that took over two years of experimenting to come up with the perfect combination of horsehair, cotton, flax and wool? What would you say if it took nearly 160 hours to hand stitch this bed together using traditional craftsmanship techniques honed in Sweden since the 1850’s? What if we told you that every single element of this bed is catered to your exact body and there could be nothing more comfortable or perfect for your sleep (this writer suffer’s a slight case of insomnia)?

What if we told you this bed cost as much as a Lexus?

Before you go balking at the price just know what this bed is. It’s simply worth a look as it has done more than wonders for my sleep. Thought the payments on the bed are worthy of a small mortgage the experience of completely restful nights and zero body impact has been nearly indescribable.

What this means this to you: The price is exorbitant but the thought of adding years onto your life from fantastic nights of sleep uninhibited by imperfections in your bed that you don’t even realize are affecting you?

Cost: ~ $60,000 @ Hastens