GG Motoradtechnik Quad

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This is one of those instances where the product description best describes what you’re looking at. Read on:

“Aggressive headlights, like the eyes of a jungle cat set to pounce, powerfully supported by four wheels, with a lean, exciting waist and a very special rear section. The GG-Quad from Grüter + Gut exudes pride in being a unique vehicle, hungry for fast roads, with power that is abundant yet always reliably controllable. No vehicle can compare to the GG-Quad in any respect.

For all its beauty and exclusivity, the bodywork in no way detracts from the precise and meticulously executed technical features. On the contrary: it leads the curious eye to the carefully designed details. In the process, it not only meets the needs of high-tech aficionados but transforms this quad into an artwork on four wheels. The GG-Quad is always in the limelight and stirs emotions.”

Technical Highlights:

  • 95 hp, 72 lb-ft torque 1130cc 2-cylinder engine
  • 6 gear transmission including reverse
  • 115 mph top speed
  • 270mm floating disc brakes
  • four-wheel independent a-arm wishbone shock absorber

What this means to you: Thrillseekers need look no further. This is your vehicle of choice.

Cost: $49,500 @ GG Quad North America