The Rough & Rugged | 2007 Gift Guide

Rough and Rugged Gift GuideMan vs. Wild. Survivor. Survivorman. We all have aspirations of being rough and rugged and granted some of us come close, but then there are so many who’s poseur acts lend no credibility in the ‘tough’ category. That doesn’t mean we still can’t find an excuse to get geared up for our next excursion, be it treking it thru Patagonia or just going to a KOA campground and making smores. Whether you’re a Rough & Rugged Guy or just know one who you secretly envy this gear is for you.

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Mt. Everest Mountaineering Permit


Cost: $50,000 @ Nepal Mt. Everest

You are truly one badass moth&^##*& to have the prowess or audacity to climb Mt. Everest. If you do so, someone you know should gladly pony up the 50 large the Nepalese ministry of tourism requires you pay to climb the stratospheric mountain. If not, come talk to us – perhaps we can work something out.

Just make sure you’ve got the following:
1. Training, a lot of it
2. A team of 7 including yourself
3. Gear and equipment
4. Balls of steel

If you do find yourself able to purchase or receive the permit, then click on over to the Nepal Mountaineering website for more information.

Nepal Everest

Gränsfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet


Cost: $80 @ Various Outfitters

The Swedes know about safe cars and they know a thing or two about modular furniture, but one thing they really know is axes. The Wildlife Hatchet is a small light axe that can be easily carried inside your pack or on your belt making it perfect for your next excursion. It cuts branches and saplings with ease for your camp fire or shelter. 3″ face blade and 13.5″ hickory handle. Comes with grain-leather sheath.

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