Airboard Classic 130


The Airboard Classic has been around for a few years and it’s just as much fun in the snow each time you bust it loose from your closet. Just like a boogie board but on the hills and mountains nearby the Airboard makes inclines more fun than you ever thought possible.

It’s durable, easy to control and even importantly can reach fantastic speeds (think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation sled scene). There’s no restrictions of where the Airboard Classic can go. Keep up with the rest of the slope goers on any terrain.

The Airboard inflates in less than 3 minutes with its own included hand pump, weighs about 6 pounds and packs down to fit easily into any backpack.

What this means to you: Just because you don’t board or ski doesn’t mean you can’t have more fun. But if you do either of those, this is well worth your winter slope time.

Cost: $279 @