The Style Maven | 2007 Gift Guide

Style Maven GiftsTim Gunn of Project Runway (not that you or I watch the show) would tell you that he’s a style maven. We might agree with that, but a sense of style is appropriate for any man – not just ones who run fashion empires. Taking an extra minute to make sure your shirt is pressed, your shoes match and you’re not wearing something that smells like hot garbage. It goes a million miles with the ladies.

Whether you’re the guy that gets those around you looking just a touch sharper out the door or if you’re the fellow that needs the extra hand these gifts should provide you just the right offering this holiday season. Go on… get styled.

Coming soon: The Couch Potato

Tumi Townhouse Suitcase Collection


Cost: $150-$2895 @ Tumi

Tumi’s already luxe line of luggage and travel gear has upped the ante with their new Townhouse Collection. Built with sophistication in mind there’s enough style here to delight even the most discerning style mavens. Tumi has used classic designs, old world craftsmanship using new technologies, and top notch materials.

Pieces shown here:

Back Right – Langham Wheeled Duffel | $895
Back Left – Bond Trunk | $2595
Front Left – Esmond Small Leather Satchel | $650
Front Right – Nottingham Carry On | $695
Fore – Knightsbridge Large Kit $250

Paul Smith Willoughby 2-Piece Suit


Cost: $850 @ Paul Smith

People talk about style essentials and having at least one well fitted suit of a dark hue is always at the top of that list. We’d go so far as saying it’s probably more along the lines of a style commandment. Nonetheless, suits are an expensive endeavor and not many guys can swing a custom tailored suit. We ask you turn your attention to this suit from Paul Smith.

The ‘Willoughby’ is a two piece London Line mid-fit 2 button suit with centre back vent and quarter pocket trousers. The suit is made of black, fine woven wool and a navy lining with ‘map of London’ woven design. Internally there are two jetted pockets and one concealed button vented pocket. The trousers have one vented, buttoned back pocket and are a mid-fit with belt loops.

Grooming Lounge Light Horn Shaving Set

Cost: $290 @ Grooming Lounge

Be rid of those ugly disposable razors lying around the sink and upgrade yourself to a badger brush and quality razor. They’re an eye-sore and honestly they’re pretty much the equivalent of women’s tampon packages lying around the bathroom.

Handcrafted in the U.K. exclusively for the Grooming Lounge, this three-piece shaving set features a hand picked and cut “super” badger hair shaving brush and a sturdy, deluxe razor in a polished chrome stand. Accepts Mach III blades.