The Couch Potato | 2007 Gift Guide term ‘Couch Potato’ was derived in California back in 1976 by some fellow named Tom Iacino who was shirking the fads of exercise and healthy diet. Instead his diet would consist of vegging out in front of the television and eating junk food. It actually came from the term “boob tubers” which as you know are those that watch the television, a lot. Iacino then brilliantly decided to replace the word “tubers” with “potato” and deciding that a “potato” watches the television from the comforts of his or her own couch thereby coining the brilliant phrase we know as Couch Potato. (source:

Well Mr. Iacino, this gift guide is a tribute to you and all of our couch potato friends who’s idea of an ideal day is food delivered to their laps positioned perfectly in front of a television.

Human Touch HT-140 Massage Chair


Cost: $2800 @ Human Touch

Want to make a couch potato your best friend in 2.5 seconds? Get them a Human Touch massage chair. Though don’t say we didn’t warn you when they decide to literally never come out from their homes again.

This fully customizable relaxation machine will coddle, push, prod and massage you or your couch potato buddy to euphoria. Using methods that replicate those of a trained professional’s hands it will massage your back, leg, and even feet.

  • Quad roller/three motor robot
  • Full-body stretching
  • 3 back massage programs (upper, lower & full)
  • Penetrating neck massage
  • 3 levels of massage width control
  • Power footrest
  • 3 shoulder height adjustments
  • 170 degree recline
  • ‘Deep Well’ calf and foot massager
  • Cloth ‘soft window’ for more intense neck massage


Cost: $399 for box + movies ($5-$20) @ Vudu

VUDU delivers approximately 5,000 movies ranging from oldies to brand new blockbusters and more movies being added each week. Zero waiting time, no mailing hassles, nothing. It’s a movie buff couch potato’s dream come true.

  • Instant access &emdash; VUDU is movie freedom. Choose your movie and watch it immediately &emdash; no waiting and no buffering.
  • Pay as you go &emdash; VUDU has no activation fees and no subscription fees. Rentals range from 99¢ to $3.99, purchased movies from $4.99 to $19.99.
  • High Quality Video &emdash; VUDU’s proprietary encoding, decoding, and up-converting technologies enable HDTVs to display their best capabilities.
  • Your Personal Digital Library &emdash; The VUDU box holds the movies you rent or buy through the service. You’ll be done with stacks of DVD cases, crowded mega-stores, and scratched disks.
  • Future-Ready &emdash; VUDU’s hardware is designed to go the distance. It’s HD-ready for high-definition content and has two USB ports for future storage options (available within six months).
  • Constantly Evolving &emdash; VUDU belongs to a new class of CE devices that live at Internet speed. While the hardware is final, the software is continually updated with new features and new movies. What you buy today is not what you’ll experience six months from now&emdash;it’ll only get better and better.

Beer Caddy or Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker


Cost for either: $100 @ Neiman Marcus

In home Beer Dispenser and Soft Serve Ice Cream maker. Seriously, is there anything more we need to say here? Even if you’re not a couch potato we know you’re thinking at this very moment where you can possibly fit this into your kitchen.

Beer Dispenser is stainless steel and keeps 5-liters of beer (or soda for the non-drinkers).

The Soft Serve ice cream make from Cuisinart has three condiment dispensers and an automatic function to mix in sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc.