Rock Band Special Edition


Unless you’ve been living in a cave you know about Guitar Hero. Well, like any good thing in America it hasn’t been left alone. We’re already up to Guitar Hero III and now comes the ultimate collection of virtual thrashing – Rock Band Special Edition

It’s got all instruments covered from lead guitar to drums to vocals. You can perform anywhere from Rhode Island to Reykjavik and show all your friends just how badass you’re e-g’tar skills are. The special edition includes:

  • Game + microphone, guitar and drum set peripherals
  • 45 licensed tracks from a plethora of legendary rockers
  • Mold a unique rocker avatar using Rock Band’s Character creator. Chose from gender, body shape, face, hair, clothes, tattoos and signature moves. Don’t forget to pick your specialized rockin’ instrument.
  • Showcase a real drum solo with Rock Band’s freestyle drum fill Windows featured in each song. Break out your own rhythm and style as anything goes!
  • Call out the crowd! Vocalists can bring the crowd to their feet during Rock Band’s freestyle vocal fill windows. Ad-lib your own words or shout to the crowd to raise the rock intensity of the performance.

What this means to you: Rock Band, the phenomenon that we like to refer to as the American homegrown version of Dance Dance Revolution really is more addictive than we care to admit to. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself suddenly surrounded by surburbanites and friend’s wives throwing you rockstar behavior they’ve suppressed since they’re co-ed years.

Cost: $150+ @ Amazon