Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming Kit

tweezerman.deluxe.grooming.set.jpgPrimping and prepping were once just for ladies, but the age of the hairy ape-man are gone. Those stray and unkempt hairs have got… to… go.

Not everyone can afford a Zwilling/Henckels grooming set or electronic solution but for $20 we doubt the cost of entry will be an issue with the Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming kit. This extraordinarily bewhiskered shallow-walleted writer just ordered himself one. Contains:

  • Sturdy Storage Case
  • Stainless Steel Nail Clipper
  • Pocket Nail File
  • Facial Nose Hair Scissors
  • Stainless Steel Point Tweezerette

What this means to you: “Stray hairs win no ladies.” The sage words of an anonymous and stylish wiseman.

Cost: $20 @ Details For Men

Tip: Make sure to check out Details For Men’s free samples page for a choice of any 3 samples in addition to your order.