The Gamer | Gift Guide 2007 man ever grows out of his gaming enthusiasm. He just realizes that there are other things more important, but based on our perspective of the ongoing boom in the video game industry, it’s taken very little to convince guys that a controller in their hand is the natural state of life.

These gifts are sure to bring yourself or your gaming friend a true smile this holiday season. Promptly followed by a signing-out of every other commitment in their life.

Read on for the gifts or go to the gift guide.

Samsung LN-T5271F 52″ LCD Television


Cost: $3000 @ J&R

A 52″ LCD 1080p high definition television with a sexy black bezel, retina burning color and brightness. Exactly what the game doctor ordered.

Expect blissful gaming when you plug your PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii unti this fifty-two inch beaty.

HP Blackbird 002


Cost: $2500-$6000 @ HP

When HP snatched up Voodoo PC a while back everyone expected there to be a lackluster gaming product as the gaming pc manufacturer was merged into the corporate conglomerate. Well, to our relief, the machine has retained it’s pedigree status as a true gaming machine.

Coming with 2 GB of RAM, 480 GB hard drive, ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT Crossfire video cards, dual-layer DVD+/-RW, killer looks and a price tag approximately close to that of some engagement rings. But that doesn’t matter because you won’t want a wife if you’ve got this plugged in at home.

Elmanco Four-In-One Game Table


Cost: $600 @ Hammacher Schlemmer

Not every guy can do video games 24/7 (Why???). For those of you who prefer a little live-action feel then this four-in-one game table from Elmanco should service your needs. It makes for a kick ass present (read: present to self) with hockey, foosball, biliards or dice football on one convenient turnstile based table. Comes with all accessories, including cue sticks, rack, chalk, dice, balls, and markers for all four games.

GameFly Subscription

gamefly_logo.jpgCost: $9 per month @ Gamefly
At $9 a month, you’re gamer friend will thank you with sleepless nights and eye-breaking hours of gaming. This will be the greatest entertainment hour to cost ratio you’ll ever achieve from a gift.