Conmoto Balance Nature Fireplace

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The Conmoto Balance Nature fireplace has unique written all over it. Guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any room you can probably replace half of all your furniture with one of these. It comes in a variety of arrangements to house not only your plasma, but books, occasional seating, drawers, and of course the fireplace itself. We’re especially big fans of the ‘floating’ version seen here in this picture.

It’s hand-crafted of American walnut and natural oil finish and the fireplace can be ordered in stainless steel or black stove-enamelled finish. It’s designed so heat dissipates upwards and away from the unit keeping it cool while burning. Clever. [via Appliancist]

What this means to you: In New York City fireplaces are few and far between and the idea of running a DVD of a burning fireplace on your plasma went sour about five years ago. It’s time to look into the bourgeoisie solution – the Conmoto Balance.

Cost: Varies @ Conmoto