Skin MD Natural winter is hell on your skin. Add on top of that all the toxins, chemicals, and other harsh irritants we expose ourselves to everyday and you’ve got all out war on your skin.

Enter, Skin MD Natural. It’s a shielding lotion and unlike other lotions which focus merely on moisturizing, Skin MD actually forms a protective barrier on your skin to keep out irritants and chemicals.

This writer has used Skin MD for well over a month now and though not one to readily talk about his grooming habits can tell you now that he’s not looking back on the idea of a shielding lotion. Hasta luego cracked skin.

What this means to you: Active lifestyle’s don’t have room or time to care about things like ‘skincare’ but activities, whether they’re as simple as washing hands or bombing the slopes in Vermont are killer on your skin. Eczema anyone?

Cost: $25 @ Skin MD