Davidoff 12 Cigar Set


A good lifestyle should undoubtedly include the joys of a fine cigar. Whether it’s given as a gift or enjoyed in the company of a good crony there are few moments finer than in fine company with a cigar in one hand and your drink of choice in the other.

This Davidoff 12 Cigar set includes 12 of their most requested blends and shapes. The beauty of the set is that it includes a a variety of their cigars giving the smoker to really understand and enjoy the complexity of a Davidoff cigar. The box includes notes on tasting for each cigar and rating of it’s strength.

What this means to you: We won’t blame you for buying yourself one of these instead of giving it to someone, but be a gent and share one over a drink. Karma will reward you.

Cost: $161 @ Davidoff