Dash Express


The Dash Express is a new level of car GPS/navigation units.

It’s Dash Driver network selects your route based on up-to-the-minute traffic data that is automatically and anonymously exchanged via the most reliable source&emdash;other Dash devices.t will find virtually anything using Yahoo! Local search to find unlimited points of interest&emdash;people, places, products and services&emdash;based on your specific needs. Beyond that it will is always up to date by receiving updates and features through over-the-air signals automatically and if you prefer not to you’ll be able to send addresses from any computer right to your car with Send2Car.

It’s 4.3 inch polarized LCD display makes everything incredibly easy to read and comes with a mounting arm, cradle, dashboard disk, car power adapter, wall charger, and carrying pouch.

What this means to you: Stop checking that $2000+ option box on your car for a navigation system that will be antiquated within a year. The Dash will find you everything you need and get you there faster.

Pre-order Cost: $599 + subscription @ Dash