Working out at home is an oxymoron. Why would one want to work out when there are televisions, football games on television, beer, or hell – video games?

Purchasing massive home fitness equipment is often a terrible investment since the most your Bowflex will ever do is bow to the dust bunnies. Keep the gym membership, get motivated to go (good biceps and forearms should be reason enough), and relegate fitness to a place where you’ll be surrounded by superior equipment and perhaps scenery.

At home, we recommend you keep something simple like the Door Gym Chin Up Bar. It’ll give you chin-ups, push-ups, self-spotting sit-ups in one simple device that installs and removes in one second. It even has extensions for broadreach bars and ab-loops.

What this means to you: Fitness at home doesn’t mean expensive equipment.

Cost: $45 @ Door Gym