Small Batch Bourbon


If you’re a man and enjoy a good drink then relegating yourself to beers and vodka alone is truly sad. Take your personal consumption and home bar up a notch with a small batch bourbon. It’s a drink truly made for the connoisseur.

Every sip of a small batch bourbon is made to be enjoyed. Made through perfect blending.

This writer’s favorites are Knob Creek and Basil Hayden’s. Woodford Reserve is also a spectacular choice (not pictured). They’re all crafted in their own special recipes and delicious to the last savored sip.

What this means to you: Bourbon goes in the category of true home-grown American inventions. It fits right in there with Jazz. Appreciate it.

Cost: Varies @ Small Batch

Tip: Bourbon should be enjoyed in a well weighted glass vessel of appropriate proportion. It should be poured over several large rocks of ice or neat or cut with a small splash of filtered water. There is no other way. Period.