Numark iDJ2

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Ever been to a party or event and wondered why the music was so awful it made you wonder what era the DJ was from? How many times can one listen to “Crazy” in one year?

Well, if you’ve got a current generation iPod and about $600 then you can share with the world your inner beat-meister. It won’t make you Moby but you will be able to cut one kick ass mix – a la you.

The iDJ2 has the ability to play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod or from a variety of other memory sources including additional iPod’s, memory sticks, and external USB hard drives. You can use the line inputs for any audio source (microphone, cd player, turntables) and has a large LCD display for full control. Best part is it has pitch control, unlike all the other poseur iPod mixers. Some other features we like are the keyboard functionality, scratch and search jog wheels, real-time visuals and waveforms and XML playlist support.

What this means to you: Kiss terrible mixes and your old turntables goodbye.

Cost: $600 @ SamAsh