Ralph Lauren Skull & Crossbones Tumbler Set

ralph.lauren.skull.crossbones.tumblers.jpgA decent man’s bar require he have well weighted heavy tumblers for his drinks. There’s no better time to serve an old fashioned or nightcap than the doldrums of winter.

Show your guests you know how to appreciate a good drink as you pour them a spot into a well made tumbler like these from Ralph Lauren.

This set of two lowball tumblers are just the kind we’re talking about. They’re crafted from hand-blown clear crystal cased in black crystal and etched with a hand-cut skull-and-crossbones motif. Everyone loves a guy with a sense of irony and humor. The only downfall is, well, they’re expensive as hell – and that isn’t so humorous.

What this means to you: Black crystal is our type of crystal. Rock a pair of these next time you pull out the Johnnie Walker and no one will care you’re pouring Black Label instead of Blue.

Cost: $295 @ Ralph Lauren

cb2.tambien.barware.jpgAlternative: We recognize $295 is a pretty outrageous price for tumblers. Take a look at the Tambien Barware set from CB2.

At $4 per glass you can afford to get a set and use the rest of the scratch to get your bar re-stocked. We’re all about the smoked handblown look and simple lines. Not to mention you won’t want to pop Xanax if you drop one.

Cost: $4 each @ CB2