Hand Grenade Lamp

hand.grenade.lamp.jpgMilitary looking accessories are in. Why they are we’ll leave to your own personal judgements, but if you’re looking for the perfect item to decorate your house with that’s guaranteed to make someone either want to yell “Frag Out!!” or pick it up and wonder then the Hand Grenade lamp is it.

The hand grenade oil lamp is made from an actual US army surplus grenade and can be purchased in either gilded gold, silver or natural finish (our choice). Let’s hope manufacturing defects don’t include “leaving the detonator and powder still intact.”

Got to admit, it’s unique and if you’ve got that one friend who watches Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan once a week then you’ve got the perfect house warming gift.

What this means to you: We don’t condone owning a grenade that serves any other purpose than illumination.

Cost: $60 @ Unica Home