5 Easy & Inexpensive Ensembles For The Workplace | Part 2: Shoes


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GP.GUIDES.gifLook at the clothes you’re wearing. Are you put together well? Yes, you are. Now look at those shoes. Notice how they’re the same pair you wear whether it’s Saturday or Monday? That’s not a good thing. Take your work ensemble to the next level with a decent pair of work shoes. Proper shoes. Read on to find out what suits fit your job.

Finance, Law, Banking, Management (Suitless)


Kenneth Cole Toe-tal Control [$149]

Editor’s Tip: A shoe with a monk strap like these from Kenneth Cole will go well with suitless garb. It provides a touch of individuality without drawing too much attention and the forward biased design will accentuate the length of your legs, and (ahem) other areas.

Finance, Law, Banking, Management (Suited)


Rockport Windom [$134]

Editor’s Tip: The key to pairing up shoes with a suit is not having them draw too much attention away from, well, your suit. They should tie in because let’s face it – you’re not a British dandy as much as you admire the guys that pull off the bold patterns. Stick with a pair of oxblood or black loafers and you’ll be able to match them with every suit in your wardrobe. Laces are key.

Post College Entry Level


Bostonian Phillips [$74]

Editor’s Tip: Take advantage of the fact that people aren’t expecting you to wear $300+ shoes and get a pair that look dressy enough and have some stature to them. A bit of a heel will give you some height and decided presence. Just make sure they’re not scuffed up or too rounded in the toe. Oh, and don’t overspend. You don’t have the money.

New Media, Technology, Startup


GBX 13031 Cigare Marble Rave [$64]

Editor’s Tip: The attire at work can range from a t-shirt to an untucked tux shirt, but a pair of slip-on mocs or driving shoes will never be a bad choice. In the summer, they pair well with jeans and no socks. Argyle socks work well if you’ve got sweaty feet. Also serve well as casual Friday shoes in the aforementioned Financial, Banking, Management arenas.

Advertising, Agency, Media


Johnston & Murphy Petree Venetian [$154]

Editor’s Tip: You’ve got an image to maintain, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend an outrageous amount on your shoes. A pair of these slip-ons like these sharp nappa leather Johnston & Murphy’s will follow you from the office to evening drinks. There’s an effortless yet put-together look that come with structured slip-ons like these. Just like your last presentation.

Bonus: Your Patio


Adidas Originals
Adilette [$30]

Editor’s Tip: Oh yes, the quintessential Adidas sandals are still around, and they’re perfect as ever for work-at-home days when a tall glass of iced tea and your laptop are your only companions.

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