Strap Culture Legend HM | Watch Straps man’s timepiece is an essential part of his wardrobe. Hell, any man worth his salt knows if you rock a quality watch it doesn’t matter what your wardrobe looks like. Though the combination of both undoubtedly reigns supreme.

If you’ve purchased yourself a watch recently and are looking for a point of differentiation then the only place you’ve got to work with is the strap or bracelet.

We’ve procured a few from the folks at Strap Culture for our Panerai timepieces and are keen on their unique, modern and timely (pun intended) styles. Take a look at the Legend series straps made of genuine leather, hand-stitched detailing and an etched skull and crossbones on the buckle.

Strap Culture is obviously a specific company catered specifically to Panerai timepieces, but take a look and you’ll see there are plenty out there to pick from. Start with this list here:

What this means to you: Step 1: Buy a quality timepiece. Check here for recommendations. Step 2: Wear it, everywhere. Step 3: Instantly make it wardrobe versatile by purchasing a unique strap.

Cost: $118 @ Strap Culture