Camelbak Better Bottle


When you think of water bottles most likely Nalgene comes to mind and rightly so since they’ve put out a venerable product for more years than we care to remember.

But Camelbak, also synonymous with hydration solutions has a bottle you should avert your eyes and money to. It’s an innovative spill-proof bottle. It uses the Bite-n-Sip valve Camelbak uses in their other products to prevent spilling when drinking. It doesn’t even require you tip the bottle. Definitely handy if you’re on the go and need your head focused. Camelbak has taken the spill-proof definition even further by making a product that won’t spill even if it’s left in the open position. There’s some explanation of vacuums and whatnot here, but we’ll spare you the details.

The .75 liter carrying capacity bottle is dishwasher safe and has an integrated handle for your carabiner.

What this means to you: A cheap, fantastic solution for your training hydration needs and it’s available in more colors than we care to list.

Cost: $10-14 @ Amazon