poang.chair.ikea.jpgWhen you think of IKEA you probably think Swedish Meatballs. If no meatballs then you might think of one specific chair from IKEA that’s basically become synonymous with the pre-fab(ulous) brand.

It’s the POÄNG chair. Made of layer-glued bent beechwood it provides great flexibility as well as comfort. The simple yet ingenious design blends comfort and style with a low price, the very founding principles of IKEA. There’s also a footstool available, but like any footstool or ottoman, you pay a premium.

Our last visit to the venerable furniture store proved to be a pleasant surprise as discovered they now offer the POÄNG with a Ullevi orange hued seat cushion in addition to a black-brown frame. Gear Patrol colors anyone?

What this means to you: At this price, why not get two?

Cost: Chair $149 @ IKEA Footstool $65 @ IKEA