Carlsberg DraughtMaster II

carlsberg.draughtmaster.2.jpgThat first sip of beer after a long day at the office is bliss. Just like a gorgeous woman, a perfectly poured pint can make all the worries disappear, if just for a moment. Find yourself a comfortable spot in your perfect chair, lean back, take a sip out of that well-chilled glass, and let yourself be in the moment. Perfect.

Now, don’t you wish you were at home instead of a rowdy bar? Don’t you wish you were there holding this ‘perfect pint’ instead of some bottle of Miller Lite? Get yourself a Carlsberg DraughtMaster II and it’s all yours. The simple machine will serve 5 liters of lager without fuss or mess. You’ll be pulling pints like the local pub in 10 seconds flat.

What this means to you: Got you hankering for a pint? Us too – good thing we’ve got one of these right here at the GP offices.

Cost: $225 @ Comet (UK Retailer)

Tip: Want more info? Check out the Carlsberg Draughtmaster site.