High Gear AdventurePlus


Damn, we love multi-tools. We can’t get enough of them and every time we see one it’s all we can do from buying one and getting our mitts all over them. Our justifications for purchase are becoming ever more slim as the Leatherman TTi far surpasses daily multi-tool needs. But we can’t stop researching or buying them and we probably won’t.

The AdventurePlus from High Gear is too good to not share. For $20 you get a Hi-intensity LED, liquid-filled floating dial compass, digital thermometer, 5x magnifier, safety mirro, safety whistle, and dry storage compartment for your matches. It comes with a quick-release lanyard and weighs a paltry 2 ozs.

What this means to you: We want us some multitool loving.

$20 @ High Gear