Gibbs Technologies Quadski

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Amphibious technology has been around for quite a long time, dating back to the propeller-powered Amphicar of the 1960s, but never before has there been a swimming vehicle that could compete with singular-purpose vehicles. Along came a British company called Gibbs with the intention to blow the competitors out of the water… literally.

$100 million in development and 60+ patents later, Gibbs technologies has proudly announced it’s third foray into the amphibious world with the intensely personal Quadski. Half-quad, half-jetski, all James Bond, the most significant feature is speed. It has the ability to blur the landscape at speeds exceeding 50 mph on both land and water.


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What this means to you: With the ability to convert from land-mode to water-mode in about 5 seconds, you’ll never miss a change to make waves, on whatever terrain you choose. Maybe that’s why we hear they just landed a military contract.

Price: $16,000 (estimated) @ Gibbs


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