Anthony Sport Body Bar late winter doldrums is no excuse for your lack of visits to the gym. Get your lazy ass back into gear. Find a workout regimen, and sweat it out. Now it’s time to clean up.

The Anthony Sport Body Bar cleanses and exfoliates using a 100% vegetable based soap with glycerin translucent side for exfoliating and a cream opaque side for moisturizing and softening of the beard. Yes, it’s a two sided bar and it’s odd we haven’t used more soap bars like it.

Anthony endorses use for face and body and shoots for a citrus fresh scent.

We definitely like the included zip-loc pouch. It’s perfect to keep the bar in your gym back without fear of a mess.

What this means to you: Expedite shower time in the gym and use the saved minutes for more strides on the treadmill.

Cost: $10 @ Anthony