J.Crew Premium Officer’s Chino

jcrew.officers.premium.chino.jpgThe term chino is thrown about far too easily. Often confused with khakis, chinos are actually lightweight cotton pants made of Chino cloth similar to that of suit pants. The fact that so many clothing companies dye them khaki doesn’t help the confusion.

J.Crew’s new Premium Officer’s Chinos delivers the goods. It’s based on the original standard-issue No.55 %-10000 officer’s surplus chino dates back to the 1930’s. The pants are constructed of imported, vintage-style cotton club twill and finished with genuine, virtually unbreakable, military grade melamine buttons. Hand finished with a 10-year wash to give it a distressed look and feel. The chinos even have a classic officer’s watch pocket.

What this means to you: A pair of good pants will last you far longer than the cheap garb you find on sale in the bargain bin. Buy once and wear well.

Cost: $95 @ J.Crew