Archimede Laptop Caddy

archimede.laptop.caddy.dwr.jpgPersonally, we’re not one for laptop stands or caddys – prefering our desks over stands, but when we came across the Archimeded Laptop Caddy on productdose, we thought it worth a post for those of you who’s space comes at a premium (read: residents of New York City, et al).

The Archimeded Laptop Caddy can fold to 4.7″ thick making storage absolutely simple and unlike so many other caddys this one’s actually ergonomic. It uses a gas piston, like the ones you find on your office chair, to adjust height and can go from a standing or sitting workstation with ease. The mousetray can also convert from the right to left for you southpaws and it’s two tabletop surfaces are independently adjustable. [via productdose]

What this means to you: Don’t let your space issues hinder your workstation. Every guy needs a good place to browse for porn work.

Cost: $750 @ Design Within Reach