spot.satellite.personal.tracker.jpgSPOT’s premise is simple: it’s the difference between having something that will save your life and something that won’t. It will work where cell phones won’t. It uses GPS to acquire coordinates and constantly update data to Google Maps – always keeping track of where you are. You can keep updates by sending a pre-programmed message via commercial satellite network. It never loses signal so you’re never lost.

In the unlikely instance that there simply is no GPS network, SPOT will still attempt to send out a distress signal even without exact location and runs a self-diagnostics test every time it’s turned on.

A SPOT plan includes unlimited 9-1-1 Alert, or 1-1-2 (in Europe) service via the GEOS Alliance.

What this means to you: If you’re a solo mountaineer, casual hiker, cross country skier or just out on a jaunt, SPOT’s GPS tether can mean the difference “between coming home in coach and coming home in cargo.”

$170 @ Find Me Spot