Nintendo DS Lite – Cobalt Blue/Black

Why a Nintendo DS? Well, how many of you knew that the Nintendo DS is now the best selling game system of all time? 46 million plus systems if you’re a numbers guy.

Since the initial launch, the major changes have been colors and this February we get the DS Lite in Cobalt Blue/Black. We’re surprised this color combination didn’t make it earlier because it looks smart, sleek and perfect for the rectangle portable system. It’s equipped with the same features: dual touch screens, wireless communication via wi-fi, voice recognition, pictochat, stereo sound. The simple fact that it can play the original Tetris has us swooning. Of course, you folks looking to improve your memory may be best served by the popular Brain Age 2 where you can pit yourself against up-to 8 others wirelessly in brain training games. Sounds dull but trust us when we say it’s addictive.

What this means to you: Endless portable fun, cheap… it’s Nintendo dammit. And did we mention Tetris?

Cost: $129 @ Circuit City (Free traveler-case included for a limited time)