Stiletto TBII-15 TIBONE Titanium Hammer

Stiletto.TBII-15.TIBONE.hammer.jpgThis is a hammer. It’s a no joke, hit the hell out of nails, home building, stud prying hammer. The Stiletto TBII-15 has 10 times less recoil shock than normal steel hammers. It only weighs 15 oz but drives like a 28 oz hammer and our favorite feature has to be the magnetic nail starter effectively preventing all the inevitable smashed fingers. The hammer even has a patented side nail puller which pulls nails in one quick 180 degree motion. Nice.

We came to learn after using the hammer on a few home projects that the Stiletto TBII-15 transfers a significant amount of the energy you generate in your swing versus standard metal which can absorb up to half of the power.

What this means to you: This is the Ferrari of hammers and like the Italian car-maker, it’s unabashed unrelenting performance… with a price befitting.

Cost: $262 @ Stiletto Tools

Practical Budget Option: Just because you’re not willing to spent your rent on a hammer doesn’t mean you can’t have a decent one. The Estwing 22 oz Milled Framing Hammer is a fantastic choice. It’s actually the most popular choice for construction workers. Perfect balance and cost effective. $25 @ Home Depot