Gear Patrol Dossier | Vol. 1 Issue 2

gp_dossier_folder.jpgHere’s what we’re reading and seeing on the web thats worth your time.

Know this: AT&T Wi-Fi is now available at Starbucks. 7,000 more places to use your laptop and iPhone. Not to mention the rates are cheaper. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is moving onto 4G mobile networks…

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Watch this: Pro Women Tennis Players are far better looking than Pro Women Golfers. You need only see The Golf Blog’s post to see that.

Remember this: Netflix is going exclusively Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. Oh, and it’s cold as hell in New York City.

See this: Can you tell the difference? Great election spoof print ad from AXE in the Metro

Hear this: Grammy’s got you in the mood for music? Read Allmusic’s Favorite Albums of 2007 with links to preview songs.