Callaway HX Hot Bite

For those of you who enjoyed Callaway’s HX Hot ball the past couple of seasons know it’s benefits. Distance and accuracy. Two crucial elements in a golf ball, but when it comes to approaching the green the ball’s hardness comes out in full force – and we don’t mean this as a good thing.

This ball is hard as a rock, perhaps that’s why it can withstand this writer’s affinity for driving it directly into trees. With a hard ball comes a lack of spin.

Callaway has addressed this very problem with the new HX Hot Bite Golf Ball. It has a soft feel and stopping power on the green without losing it’s distance ability. They’ve done this through a a softer, high-resiliency core and ionomer mantle layer. A soft cover using proprietary technology from Callaway generates additional stopping power for short-game control and HEX Aerodynamics for long, stable ball flight.

What this means to you: That’s a lot of technical jargon but the only thing you should know or care about is the fact that this ball is worth a round of your time this season. Get in on it early.

Cost: $30 @ Golf Galaxy

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