Oakley Custom AFrame

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The Oakley A Frame is a lens designed to keep you moving on the slopes whether you ski or snowboard. It has a three-tiered defense approach with surge ports to control airflow, F-3 Series anti-fog treatment, and dual lens design to reduce fog with a thermal barrier of trapped air.

The lens uses high definition optics with 100% UV filtering, impact protection that meets ANSI Z87.1/ASTM F659 standards, durable yet flexible urethane and triple-layer polar fleece foam with moisture wicking. Frankly, we just like that we could order ours in orange.

What this means to you: We fitted ours with a Jet Black frame, Persimmon lens, Black Argyle/White strap and GEARPATROL.COM etched into the lens. Of course. Ludacris postulated in Roll Out “are you… custom fitted?” We tend to agree.

Cost: $100+ @ Oakley ($120 as shown)

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