The Grillworks

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The Grillworks goes into the category of men’s lifestyle alongside a fine timepiece, a three car garage with four cars, and a gorgeous woman at your side with your favorite beverage in hand.

A dream to many, an achievable goal to others, a simple luxury to some it’s something no man will deny wanting or having. We don’t blame them. If it weren’t for the limitations of New York living we’d have a Grillery stationed on our terrace at the ready. Somehow we doubt building code permits 200 lb wood burning grills on fire escapes.

There’s a story with the Grillworks too, it’s not some mass produced controlled-flame-pit you find at Home Depot. Originally invented by a gent named Charles Eisendrath, it combines outdoor cooking styles with heritage in Argentina, Southwestern France and Turkey. But fret not, it can also grill the hell out of one afternoon’s worth of burgers and any other meat, poultry or fish you decide to prepare.

Over-constructed, as good gear should be, the Grillworks will take on large-scale wood-fired grilling with ease and render your charcoal, gas, or electric (gasp) grills paltry in it’s flame breathing wake. The functionality continues with a cast aluminum wheel along the right side giving you the ability to adjust the height of your cooking surface as the flames rise and fall. Damn, that’s great. The V-channels slanted to 4° capture juices into separate pans for your preference of basting, sauce preparation and instantaneous chef-credential glory. The optional manual full-length rotisseries or dual elevated electrical rotisseries kits only extend your cooking options.

What this means to you: We’re obviously keen on having our own Grillworks. It’s finally a reason to break out the monogrammed steak brand. You lucky chaps with enough space to and grillinary ambitions should ready your patios for the next love of your life: The Grillworks.

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Cost: $3,375 @ Grillworks

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