Gear Patrol Dossier | Vol.1 Issue 3

gp_dossier_folder.jpgVol. 1 Issue 3 of Gear Patrol Dossier. Here’s what you need to know that’s worth your time.

Read Gawk at this: 2008 Sports Illustred Swimsuit Issue is out. It’s worth every penny of the $7 cover price. Marissa Miller, [pics] a girl we featured several months ago smolderingly graces the cover.

Know This: Sony & Co’s Blu-ray is now the official winner over Toshiba’s HD-DVD. Blu-ray is still a terrible name for a format. Now go forth and buy your media player without fear of having useless gear.

See this: Gears of War 2 announced. Trailer after the jump. Let the chainsawing begin.