Bookmark Gear Patrol | iPhone and Web

gp.iphone.bookmark.icon.jpgIf you’ve got an iPhone then it’s time you take advantage of it and bookmark Gear Patrol as a webclip. If you do, you’ll get our signature cog as an icon on the home screen. Then when your cronies inevitably ask why you have something cool that they don’t then you can respond with “Well [insert name], it’s because the difference between you and me is I make this shit look good,” then proceed to walk away. Or just say, “Go to then choose add web clipping.” We tend to think the former is a far better option.

For our readers that read Gear Patrol regularly at work or home on pc’s why not take a moment to add us to your favorites. We can’t guarantee anything special will happen (yet), but at least you’ll have something to peruse in the afternoon doldrums.

To bookmark us: hit Ctrl+D (Mac users: Command+D) on your keyboard for Internet Explorer 7, Firefox and Safari. If that’s too confusing you can go read this helpful terrible article on how to bookmark webpages.

Cost: Free