Shun U2 Ultimate Utility Knife


Shun has a brand new utility knife and your kitchen. It’s an all-purpose knife geared uses a straight-scalloped blade that excels in cutting through anything soft or hard without destroying the interior.

VG-10 grade stainless steel forged with 33 high-carbon layers of SUS410 high-carbon steel on each side is shaped into a Damascus profile blade. The knife weighs slightly toward the front of the pivot point just ahead of where the “D” shaped ebony PakkaWood handle sweeps out of the blade. It certainly makes for an incredibly sharp, properly balanced and intimidating piece of hardware for your kitchen gear. Cutting through Amy’s Bread Wheat Baguettes or East Tennessee Grainger tomatoes with equal efficiency, the U2 will strike your cutting board with ease.

What this means to you: Make pleasantry out of your slicing and dicing, oh and you’re sure to impres the foodies in your circles of friends. Oh, and who doesn’t want a Damascus profile VG-10 grade steel blade in their kitchen?

Cost: $100 @ Sur La Table

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