Lenovo ThinkPad X300


Who needs a MacBook Air. Give this writer the Lenovo ThinkPad X300, unleashed for paycheck burning today.

If sexy is specifications, then the X300 is the Izabel Goulart of laptops. Dark, sexy, and Brazilian made in China. Perhaps that’s a stretch, but it truly is one incredible machine and a marvel of engineering. If this writer was within his 14 day Apple Store return period he’d already be taking back the very MacBook Air he’s writing this article on. 10% restocking fee withstanding.

Sure, it’s going to cost an extra grand out the door, but it’s lighter than the MacBook Air, has three times as many USB ports as the Air (um, for a total of 3), an internal DVD-RW drive. And despite its tiny profile the X300 is equipped with a 64 GB Solid-State drive standard, removable lithium-polymer battery yielding up to 10 hours on the extended-battery configuarations, up-to 4 GB of memory, 1440×900 13.3″ LED backlit display, built in digital camera, fingerprint recognition, GPS, 802.11n wireless, gigabit ethernet, touchpad and the quintessentially yet useless IBM, er… Lenovo, red trackpoint.

The MacBook Air is undoubtedly sexy. It’s near perfect for those of you looking for a svelte portable option that will garner attention at Starbucks, but if you’re a road warrior or anyone who considers themselves a power laptop user, your money will be far better served with the X300.

What this means to you: The inevitable masses of MacBook Air versus ThinkPad X300 comparisons are already out only to be filled with thousands of guys out there no longer trying to compare who’s bigger, but who’s lighter.

Cost: $2404 – $2488 @ Lenovo

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