Porsche Design Poggenpohl P’7340 Kitchen

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When we received the press release that Porsche Design had collaborated with Poggenpohl to design a kitchen we relished at the thought of rich woods, abundance of aluminum and ultra clean lines. Upon seeing the images we realized we had grossly underestimated.

The P’7340 cooking space is designed from the ground up with a decidedly male-centric focus. The sleek and functional aesthetics Porsche Design is known for comes true in spades. A futuristic look without anything garish or over the top. It’s a melding of ‘innovation and luxury’ and we agree. The primary material, is wood in your choice of driftwood (our preference) or dark oak.

One feature you’ll never tire of is the pressure-opening handleless cabinet doors that open at the slight nudge of your hand. If that doesn’t satisfy then perhaps the protected LCD screen with digital and analog connections will.

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What this means to you: This kitchen is saturated with modern sex appeal. When is the last time you remember reading “kitchen” and “sex appeal” in the same sentence? Yup, neither can we.

Cost: $85,000-$200,000 @ Poggenpohl | Summer