AXE Vice Shower Gel, Bodyspray, Deodorant

axe.vice.shower.gel.deodorant.bodyspray.jpgLet’s face it, not every guy can afford grooming products that cost $20 for a single bar of soap. Hell, that’s six months worth of Irish Spring and frankly some guys prefer saving the cash for other gear. We understand.

That doesn’t mean walking into the store necessary means you have to sell yourself short. AXE’s revamped Vice lineup: Revitalizing Shower Gel, Deodorant Bodyspray and Invisible Solid Antiperspirant are retuned to give you a better, longer-lasting scent combined with effective protection. The mad scientists at AXE even brought in renowned expert Ann Gottlieb to do just that. Better yet, the prices are street-wise and no guy can deny the benefits of that.

What this means to you: Whether you admit to it or not, you know the commercials. The ones touting of unrelenting female attention when you use AXE products. We’ll be the first to admit it’s not going to happen – the product is a product, and what you’re selling is yourself. That said, they’ve got some damn fine and hilarious ‘Naughty To Nice’ commercials (one after the jump) so take a peek, pocket the cash you save and spend it on your own gear.

Cost: Deodorant $5 | Shower Gel $4 | Bodyspray $5