Sugarcrane Lyon Necklace


If you’re looking for some men’s jewelry with a sense of style and edginess, then there aren’t a lot of options out there that dont’ seem either contrived or too mainstream.

Sugarcrane is a brand you should consider for your wardrobe. With a design seemingly inspired from European crests, the designs at Sugarcrane give off a vibe of understated power while looking sharp and unique. We’re especially fans of the Sugarcrane Lyon that uses two pendants at the end of the 4mm wide silver figaro chain: one is a sterling silver lion on a sqaure cut onyx, the other pendant is a pair of sterling silver feathers. The combination offer a sense of contrast without too much flair. Just the way we like it.

What this means to you: Men, you’ve got options when it comes to jewelry. The Sugarcraen Lyon is a perfect example. Just don’t overdo it.

Cost: $235 @ Sugarcrane

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