Nautica Dresser Valet

nautica.dresser.valet.jpgAs a guy you probably end up with more stuff in your pockets than you realize (insert joke here). If you’re like us then it gets dumped on a counter or table at the end of each day. What about your valuables though? Do you chuck your watch, cellphone and wallet aside as you reach for the beer?

If so, that’s a shame. Upgrade yourself with a valet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Take this Nautica Dresser Valet for example. It’ll keep your gear uncluttered and out of drawers or behind the couch. More importantly, you’ll probably shave a good 5 minutes of time you’d otherwise be spending looking for your damn phone.

What this means to you: Keep it on your desk, counter or bedside table. More importantly, put your gear in it.

Cost: $20 @ Macy’s

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