Boris Becker 11 Special Edition


There are a few instances where a brand becomes synonymous with a person. Nike Air Jordan’s, Tiger Woods Golf, for example. Boris Becker’s tennis equipment is just that and the Boris Becker 11 Special Edition is the epitome.

The Becker 11 is built to the exact same specifications as the three-time Wimbledon winner – right down to the gram and millimeter. Each racquet is adjusted and calibrated by hand in Straubing, Germany. Of course that means it’s a very finely tuned racquet which doesn’t equate to easy playing. If you’re picking up this tennis racquet it’s expected that you know how to handle yourself in advantage-point situations. It’s increased weight in the head guarantees higher swing-weight ratio and the additional weights at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions provide greater torsion stability for better control. For those men that care about exclusivity, each racquet has a serial number along with your name engraved right onto the frame. Not that you’ll be mistaking your racquet next to others on the court.

What this means to you: If you consider yourself a strong player on the court and you take big cuts at the ball then this racquet is for you. Timid men need not apply.

Cost: $199 (Standard Becker 11) @ Tennis Warehouse