SUCK UK Carve Your Own Postcard do you get when you cross a postcard with tree carved initials? Well… honestly, you get nothing. But don’t say we didn’t try to come up with some metaphor for what this is. Those clever fellows at SUCK UK have made a postcard made of wood that lets you etch out your own message in the wood using a knife or key. Cool? Yes. A little stalkerish? That too. Better yet since the U.S. Post Office ships any and everything all you need to do is etch and buy a stamp. Of course, you’ll just have to know that the postman delivering this will be judging you for the person you really are. Let’s just hope your recipient garners a touch more adoration for you. [via]

What this means to you: No one you know has ever received a wood post card. No one.

Cost: $12 @ A+R Store