ITSNONAME Periodic Rings


Fancy yourself a bit of a chemist or just want to proudly display exactly what periodic element your ring is made out of? Well, leave neither to chance with ITSNONAME Periodic Rings.

The aptly named rings are fantastic. We only swung ourselves to get a hold of the Solid Sterling Silver (Ag). Better yet is they require no explanation to convey exactly what you’re getting. Ag is silver. Au is gold and blinged out Pt is Platinum. It’s $6,500 price tag is appropriately outrageous.

If you’re looking for a signature piece of accouterment then there’s absolutely no denying that this belongs in your collection. Hell, maybe throw it on a 24k gold chain.

What this means to you: Solid Gold. Brother.

Cost: Silver $205 | Gold $2200 | Platinum $6500 @ ITSNO.NAME