Sentry Safe Fireproof/Waterproof Data Storage Chest you the kind of guy that keeps critical data lying around on discs? Do you fret everyday that your hard drive full of office documents porn data is going to be lost in a fire? Well, fear not – your technology can survive the worst safely secured in a Sentry Safe Fire/Waterproof Data Storage Chest.

Like most Sentry safes, it protects the contents from fire and water up to one half hour in 1,550 degree Fahrenheit temperatures (1,116 degrees Kelvin, oh yes – we knew you were wondering) or 24 hours fully submersed in water. Not only that, but it will protect 60 CD’s or DVDs or your, ahem, legally downloaded videos and music. Going even further is the ability for the Sentry safe to hold your external storage device and pass through the data via it’s internal USB 2.0 port. Clever.

When we first picked up the Sentry Chest we were looking for a safe for our back-up CD’s. Then our curiosity got the better of us as we delved deeper into the idea of storing a back up hard drive as well. We came across the Fireproof/Waterproof 160GB Maxtor Hard Drive but the inability to store physical gear and it’s prohibitive price made us look into other options. Well, we’re glad to report the Sentry Data Storage Chest has served quite nicely and for it’s functionality you can’t beat the price.

What this means to you: It’s about time someone realized data isn’t always in manilla envelopes. Keep your digital data safe and secure.

Cost: $150 @ Office Depot