Your Vegas – A Town And Two Cities is something distinctly British about Your Vegas. No, it’s not that their band members hail from Leeds but perhaps the convergent sound of a British alternative group meeting Nirvana then deciding to make songs as sweeping as U2.

The album is short. 3 songs. But all three songs are ear-catching, emotional and it’s almost like someone created a brief best hits of the Your Vegas catalog. Lead singer Coyle Girelli gives a haunting performance with epic, yet sad vocals, it is British after all.

What this means to you: Their album costs one dollar on iTunes. One dollar. Buy it, listen to it and email us if you don’t like it. We might even consider paying you back for it. It’s that good.

Cost: $1 on iTunes [launches app]

Preview “In My Head” or “The Way The War Was Won” on imeem.