Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar things are nicer than winding down a stressful week with a nice cigar. If your lifestyle requires travel or you just prefer enjoying a nice stogie outside of the realms of a leather clad lounge chair then the Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar fits the bill. It’s a portable black leather case that allows you to travel with your preferred beverage and cigar. The bag is split into three compartments, one for your bottle, one for the cylindrical cedar humidor and one for the 4 stackable glasses & ice container. The bag also stores a jet style cigar lighter, though we suggest you scrap the lighter for a box of quality wood matches.[via]

What this means to you: We know you’re not going to be walking around with this bag. As a matter of fact we plead that you don’t. What you should do is have it tucked away for your next excursion with the guys. Break it out at just the right point in the evening and prepare for complete heriosm.

Cost: $270 @ Neptune Cigar